Holistic List Vetting Statuses and Score

If it is not measured why do it?

We have created a scoring algorthym to ensure consitency and fairness.

Holistic Healthy Association Qualified Seal

Identity Check

All practitioners and businesses who use our site are ID checked.


We check certifications for the services that the business is offering.


We reach out to the Professionla assocition to check membership.


All business muct be fully insured to a reasobale level.

We have broken our scoring into 2 areas

Holistic List Statuses (HLS)

These are HLS’s that we add to a profile, which refelect the stage that a business has obtained.

Vetting in progress

We have received the practitioner/business documents and are working through them to check their validity.  If you want to book this business please contact us first to establish the status of their vetting.


We have vetted only that the practitioner has in the last year been a member of a recognised association or institute.  We have not checked their documentation, certification, identity or insurance.  


We have carried out a number of checks related to the practitioner including but not limited to: identity, certification, associations, local government requirements and insurance.  We would recommend these practitioners as they have passed our strict criteria and can book them with confidence.  We would also check the HLCR before choosing to ensure the best match.  

Site Visited

This is the highest level that we vet, the practitioner has passed HLS2 and a member of the Holistic List team has physically visited the site.  We have checked a long list of criteria including but not limited to the services that are on offer match certification for all staff, insurance coverage match the cover provided and we have had a treatment/class/retreat (events are excluded).  These practitioner/businesses are recommended especially if their HLCR is higher than 4.

If you would like to know more about how we vet please contact us, or if you would like to put yourself forward to be vetted please contact us.

Holistic List Confidence Rating (HLCR)

What is the HLCR?

The HLCR © is the rating that we have given a practitioner or business to help balance the scales between hearsay and reviews.  We use our unique indepth algorithm to work out a score between 0-5.

How we generate HLCR number

We use over 40+ criteria to work out the HLCR.

Why is it important?

As a Service User or referrer this should give you a large degree of confidence. We ensure the information that has been provided to us is as accurate as possible. 

If a Business is ‘Site Visited’

If a practitioner or business has been visited, we check an additional 30+ criteria. This is cross checked for accuracy ensuring our independence which is paramount.

What we do with the information

We update the listing to include our review and any permitted images and video clearly identified.  

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about the HLCR please contact us